Win Canada Visa Lottery for Africans 2022 - Current Guide

Win Canada Visa Lottery for Africans 2022 – Current Guide

Canada Visa Lottery 2022 Application form

Canada is a wonderful country with a breathtaking landscape, delicious food, and it’s the perfect country or epic road trips and adventures.

Now you may be fantasizing about this place but don’t have resources to make this wish come true. The good news is that you can be in Canada in 2022, all you have to do is to be part of the Canada visa lottery 2022.

People are over the world and especially Nigerian citizens want the right information about the complete procedure to apply for Canada Visa 2020. This is why we have collected the most trusted information about this topic and now sharing it with our readers. We are hoping this information will clear all your doubts about how to properly apply for the 2020 Canada Visa Lottery.

Canada Visa Lottery 2022 Application form

Here is a guide that can really benefit you in filling out your Canada Visa form.

Canada visa policy isn’t as rigid as some countries; hence it is much easier to travel to Canada, but if you really want to have an almost smooth transition, then this guide is for you.

Although there are certain factors you need to consider and give careful thought about, but once you scale through this stage, you are on an expressway to Canada.

This visa can be applied for anybody Single, Married, Widowed, and Divorced if completing the eligibility norms to apply for Canada Visa Lottery.

The application registration or visa lottery is open very year and the eligible applicants allowed to register from the Canada visa portal.

Let’s start our guide on how to travel to the dreamland Canada through Canada visa 2022 lottery from Nigeria. If you truly wish to migrate to Canada I advise you keep reading through this guide.

Firstly, let’s see a list of the type of Visa’s you can apply for from Nigeria to Canada

  • Students Canada Visa
  • Skilled workers Canadian
  • Tourist Canadian
  • Visitor Canadian
  • Business Canadian
  • Farmworker Canadian
  • Pilgrimage Canadian
  • Diplomat Canadian
  • Transit Canadian

Now that you know about all the kind of Visa you can apply for, let’s head to the completion of the form. Do note that each visa listed above has its own unique document requirement.

Hey there, I don’t think you are going to Canada next year through the Canadian visa Lottery if you don’t have an international passport. This is the first and one of the essential requirements to pick this year’s Canadian visa lottery form.

Beware of scammers! Some people may be impersonating as agent for the Canada visa lottery and ask you to pay some amount of money so they can secure a quick route to Canada for you, please pay no attention to these people because they are only interested in defrauding you of your money.

How to submit Canada Visa Application Online 2022

1. Find out whether you have the right to apply for Canada visa lottery online or not

Before you start filling the required forms, you must find out in advance whether you can apply for a visa online or not. Click on the link and answer all the questions given correctly. You will be asked about citizenship, age, family, work, and a number of other things.

Canada visa lottery

After answering all questions and you are declared eligible to apply for a Canadian visa online, then you will be given a “personal reference code” that will be needed to register an account and visa. Save this code carefully and follow the instructions that are clearly explained.

Canada Visa Lottery

2. Fill in the form online

On the same page that explains the steps for submitting an online visa, there are several forms that must be filled in, such as:

  • Temporary Visit Visa Form IMM5257 which can be downloaded here.
  • IMM5707 family data form that can be downloaded here.
  • Document checklists that can be downloaded and submitted when applying for a visa can be downloaded here.
  • “VFS Statement” that allows VFS to administer your visa, can be downloaded here.

Canada Visa Lottery 2022

3. Complete the required documents

  • In addition to filling out the form, you must also complete several photocopies or scanned documents, such as:
  • Passport (especially on the identity page)
  • Travel history (visa and /or stamp of entry in other countries) used for the past ten years
  • Photocopy or scan results of permission to stay, study or work abroad (if any)
  • Photocopies or scan of valid US visas (if any)
  • Financial evidence that proves that you can finance your own trips, such as the last 4 months’ bank statement, work or business certificate, proof of ownership of assets, or other supporting documents that can be seen here.
  • Color photographs size 35mm x 45mm or 420 x 540 pixels with JPEG format and size 240kb
  • Proof of travel, such as airline tickets, itineraries, or proof of hotel reservations.

4. Register/login to submit an online application

You need to register to get the “key”, then create an account to submit an application, pay the visa fee, and also check the status of the visa application. You can create an account with “Sign-In Partner” or “GCKey”. For Nigerian citizens, choose the “GCKey” option.

Canada Visa Lottery 2022

After getting your username and password, log in to your account and select “Visitor visa, study and / or work permit”, then proceed to the next step. Enter the “personal reference code” that you got before, and upload the forms and supporting documents that you have filled in and prepared beforehand.

5. Make a Payment

After all your documents have been verified by the system and received, you will be taken to the visa payment page, which is CAD 100. If the payment is successful, you will receive a payment confirmation

6. Visit VFS Global

After that, bring a payment confirmation, passport photo size 3.5 x 4.5 cm to the VFS Global Nigeria:

Upon completion, within 2 working days you will get an email with specific code to track the status of your application online.

Submit your visa on paper

If you apply for a Canadian visa lottery 2019 on paper, then the method is actually more or less the same. You must continue to fill out forms online, prepare supporting documents as listed above, make payments online, and visit the VFS Global visa application center. The difference is:

If you apply for a visa online, you do not need to print the form one by one. While if you submit on paper, then you must print all the forms with a laser printer on white, non-glossy paper.

If you do not take care of your visa application yourself, then you are also required to fill out the IMM5467E form which authorises other people to arrange your visa.

For additional information, payment of Canadian visa fees in the form of a Draft Bank is no longer accepted. Acceptable payments are only online payments. Complete information can be seen here.


Documentation for Canada Visa – Frequent Asked Question and Answer

Visa Application

Canada visa lottery 2022 application form

What documents required for Canada visa application?

The requirements document depends on the purpose of your visit to Canada. For complete information and guidance regarding the part of my visa application document, please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website.

Could it be that the visa office asked me to attach additional documents or information?

Yes, the visa office may ask you to submit another additional document. The latest information will be created in the online application tracking system and will be followed by an email to ensure you receive the instruction. Then, you will be asked to submit additional documents to the visa application office, which will then be forwarded to the visa office for you.

I want to go to Canada as a student. What are the financial requirements?

Financial requirement for students depends – among other factors – on the length of stay in Canada. We recommend that you consult the Canadian Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship site for latest information and to ensure that your documents can satisfy these criteria when submitting the application form.

How to Apply at Canada Visa Portal

There are various kinds of  visa application forms available o people. Some immigrants who wish to migrate to Canada. Also there’s work permit visa as well as for students which is the most popularly known as the work visa.

The application is done online, visit the online registration portal to access the form. Below is process

  • Visit Canada visa lottery portal 2022:
  • Chose your evaluation form
  • Provide your contact information
    Provide your personal profile
  • Your personal net worth, make sure you don’t over or underestimate
  • Your language skills
    Your work history
    Canadian Job Offer
  • Family and Friends in Canada

Then click to submit form

Fill in the required information and upload all required documents, once you are done with this submit the form and ensure you safeguard your details.

Ensure the URL/Link you are using to access the portal corresponds to

Any other website claiming to be could probably be a scam, be alert!

Need I say any more? Travel in Canada so you can see its beauty and it can show you how beautiful the world can be. Start planning your holidays in Canada.



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