Top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well 2021 Update

Top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well 2021 Update

– Top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well –

Do you know that there are countless options you can choose to explore your career? There are over top 20 Six-Month certificate programs that pay well! Anyway, depending on your financial stability, values, skills, training and education, it will interest you to find a six-month certificate program that pays well.

Top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs

It is of paramount importance that you can maximise your potential as time goes on while advancing in your career.

In this article, we have a lot to talk about how you can find a six-month certificate program that pays well after your course of study in the respective institution just to fulfil your demands in life.

Why Certificate Program?

Completing a certificate course from a reputed university is one of the easiest ways to get a promotion, increase your wages, or switch your job.

Varying in length from a few months to years, with classes in the evening, nights, weekends, and online, these courses will provide you with the advanced skills that are required to succeed in today’s workplace.

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Benefits of Earning a Certification

Is it worth putting in all the efforts? Contemplate these benefits of earning a certification, and if you see the benefits for your situation, then go for it!

• Gets your foot in the door in the new area. Many career changers turn to certifications to get themselves into a new area.

For example, many technical people who want to advance will earn the PMP certification to move into a position of greater responsibility.

• Gives you confidence that you have “passed through the chairs.” When you have set your sights on a goal, put together a plan, work hard, and you reach it, you gain confidence, which spills over into all aspects of your life.

• Gives you a tool to draw upon when needed. Having gone through all the study and hard work, you have mastered a new body of knowledge. Put it to use as soon as you can!

• A differentiator against the competition. When employers are interviewing, the competition is often stiff. If you have the certification, and the other person does not, you are at a definite advantage.

• Plugs you into two new communities: one that is earning the certification, and one that has the certification.

For example, if you are going for your PMP certification, you will immediately have something in common with other hopefuls, and this can provide networking opportunities through classes, the web, and meetings.

The same holds when you have earned the certification; you are a member of the “club.” While these are benefits of PMP certification, the same would hold for most certifications.

• Establishes you as a continuous learner. Employers are always looking for people who never want to stop learning.

Learning is a value unto itself, and those around you will respect and admire you for it, and sometimes even be a little jealous!

• Will enable you to make more money. Often, earning a certification, such as the PMP, can quickly lead to compensation increases of 20% and more.

• You can be a better mentor. I base the ability to mentor on experience, but the best mentors can reach beyond their experience.

They can extrapolate from their experience and relate it to someone else’s unique experience.

• Enables you to better evaluate the talents and skills of others. With the discipline to master the material for the certification, you are in a better position to evaluate the skills of others.

You have evaluated your strengths and weaknesses in earning the certification, and have a broader understanding of the skills and toolsets that can be effective.

• While it is said that “experience is the greatest teacher,” a certification “rounds you out.” Often, experience is powerful in some areas, but not in others.

Like education, experience rounds you out, giving exposure to ideas and approaches outside your comfort zone. In addition, being able to think outside your experience is an ingredient of leadership.

Top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs with Good Pay

I list the following certificate programs to guide you on your preferred choice of study:

1. Emergency Medical Technician

Top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs

Estimated Pay: $14.65 per hour

Yes! This is one of the famous certificate programs that are alarming nowadays owing to its payment. One could imagine earning a vast sum of money with its certificate.

To qualify to become an Emergency Medical technician, one must have completed its secondary education and some other training needed at its level.

As this program continues to grow from strength to strength is the value that makes it becomes highly competitive in the educational sector and the society at large.

Despite its competition in society, this should never discourage you from taking up the challenge of obtaining this certificate today.

Becoming an emergency medical technician is a job that demands commitment and passion for your studies.

Job modules for this certification rely on fully responding with care to both ill and injured patients to improve their health status.

For this reason, you must be committed more effectively, most especially for emergencies.

2. Funeral Director

Estimated Pay: $18.90 per hour

This is also another lucrative job that demands just very little academic training that is more of a post-secondary program or its equivalent.

However, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Funeral Director is often required by some employers or its equivalent as one of the prerequisites for the job position.

It will interest you to know that Funeral Directors usually earn highly nowadays in the society.

Funeral directors typically offer to counsel grieving family members and help to prepare the funeral service. This type of work can be challenging for some people, so it’s important to be comfortable supporting people during difficult situations.

Job module for Funeral Directors includes counselling of the bereaved family members and assisting them to prepare for the funeral service of their loved ones.

3. Brick Mason

Estimated Pay: $20.51 per hour

Picking up a Brick Mason career is another prestigious six-month certificate program to talk about owing to its trending value in society.

Becoming a Brick Mason requires extensive training and coursework for certification. You can earn this prestigious certificate through several construction companies, such as the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA).

In studying Brick Mason as a career, you will get to learn many construction basics, calculations, measurements, safety and other related practices leading to its certification.

Job modules include cleaning surfaces, reading blueprints, lifting objects and gathering materials for the success of the job. It is noteworthy that working as a Brick mason usually takes long hours and often requires strenuous activities.

4. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Estimated Pay: $21.00 per hour

Working as a Personal Trainer results in a potentially high-paying salary or income, most especially when working for a famous organisation.

Qualifications to fit into this career are subject to the Personal Training certificate program or its equivalent. It required six months certification program to learn this skill. Enlisted programs for this position include training in exercise science and other related academic training.

The best way to merit this certification is by having fair background knowledge of skills such as coaching, gyms, jogging and lots more. Interested candidates should also have a strong working ability to explore great in the career.

5. Medical Coder

Estimated Pay: $21.64 per hour

A medical coder is one of the more popular certifications that pay well for those

One of the famous certifications that pay is becoming a Medical Coder. This profession is in high demand from society and therefore the need to undergo a six-month certificate program for this position.

Medical Coders are much worth in healthcare because of the need to attend to individuals with various health challenges.

To merit this position, candidates must have foremost got a high school degree or its equivalent before venturing into the Medical Coder certificate program through the AAPC.

The medical Coder job description involves having an in-depth understanding of health records, including medical terminology and database management.

We are still top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well!

6. Firefighter

Estimated Pay: $44,505 per year

I cannot leave firefighting out for mentioning the top 20 six-month certificate program that pays well. It is one of the highest-paid jobs in the United States and is worth appreciated by the citizens owning to its emergency service.

The job description for this certificate program involves demanding skilful and paramedic training leading to certification in fire-fighting.

A Firefighter must possess strength and stamina, including an in-depth understanding of using field equipment.

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7. Air Traffic Controller

Estimated Pay: $47,202 per year

The air traffic controller is another six-month certificate program that doesn’t require much formal education for certification.

In this field, though it is much competitive, there is a need to undergo a certificate program for the position as it is much more desirable for the citizens.

Broad testing by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Air Traffic Controllers is usually mandatory on the need for their stability and creativity applied.

Having good communication skills and thinking skills is highly demanded as one prerequisite for obtaining a six-month certificate program for the position.

8. Automobile Service Station Manager

Estimated Pay: $23.59 per hour

An automobile service station manager is a high-paying job with minimum education requirements. Though a high school diploma or equivalent is all that’s officially needed, some employers may prefer a degree or certification. You can also earn a certificate through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

For most people, the best way to get this job is to work their way up through the company by gaining on-the-job experience, since this provides the skill set necessary to run the day-to-day operations of a service station successfully.

The job includes setting the gas prices for the day, making the employee schedule, training employees, managing inventory, maintaining safety regulations, and managing employees.

Customer service, interpersonal and managerial skills would be helpful for this position, as well as some accounting experience.

We are still top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well!

9. Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker

Estimated Pay: $71,287 per year

Certification requirements vary by state, but many colleges have real estate certificate programs, both online and in-class.

Real Estate Broker has the chance to amass a six-figure having the proper experience and technique. Candidates interested in this program must have got a high school diploma or its equivalent to earn certification in the program.

Real estate brokers earn well majorly by selling houses, guiding homeowners on filling documents relative to selling their properties.

10. Margin Department Supervisor

Estimated Pay: $74,845

A margin department supervisor another example of a six-month certificate program that pays well.

Though it requires a minimal academic training program having deep knowledge is still of paramount importance to earn a certificate relative to the job position.

11. Phlebotomy Technician

Estimated pay: $36,320

As a phlebotomy tech, you will spend your days drawing blood from people. You may collect the blood for individual testing, research, or possibly for donations. You will explain to the patient why and how you will take their blood.

There are plenty of employment opportunities to consider for phlebotomists. You may work in labs, donor centres and doctor’s offices and hospitals. This is a quick certification that pays well.

We are still top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well!

12. Pharmacy Technician

Estimated pay: $35,100

One of the top certifications in society nowadays is the demand for pharmacy technicians. With this career, you will help people whose health is complicated.

Regarding this, you will be able to help patients with prescriptions and precise remedies to treat their ailments.

You can pick up a career for this program either in the pharmacy, hospitals, grocery stores, clinics or in the hospitals to get certification and licensing.

13. Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist

Estimated Pay: $70,261 per hour

Having a passion for a career such as becoming an electro neurodiagnostic technician, you will very well be able to assist doctors and nurses in the hospitals by taking care of patients with neurological diseases.

A six-month certificate program for this position can be got from accredited institutions…

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Six-Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well

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14. Phlebotomy Technician

Estimated Pay: $16.53 per hour

If you’re wondering what a phlebotomy tech does, they are the people who draw your blood and collect specimens when you go to a lab, medical facility, or hospital.

It’s a good way to break into a health care career and programs usually take less than one year to complete through a vocational school or community college. State licensing requirements may vary.

Of all the 6-month certificate programs that pay well on this list, phlebotomists will be most in demand for the next 10 years, with a 17% growth in job opportunities.

We are still top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well!

15. HVAC Technician

HVAC Technician

Estimated Pay: $23.57 per hour.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) need techs to perform maintenance and repair, making it a lucrative field for skilled labourers who enjoy working with their hands.

To become an HVAC tech, you’ll need to go to school first and continue training on the job or as an apprentice. While some programs can take as long as two years, others are as short as six months.

16. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Estimated Pay: $15.79 per hour

Another health care position that has a short-term program for entry is becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA).

Nursing assistant programs and requirements may vary by state, so make sure you choose from among state-approved certificate programs.

Once you’ve completed your studies, you can begin working for healthcare organisations or in medical offices.

Nursing assistant (and orderly) jobs are expected to grow 8% in the next 10 years, which is faster than average. View this nursing assistant resume for more info.

We are still top 20 Six-Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well!

17. Commercial Truck Driver

Estimated Pay: $47,130

Almost everything consumers purchase is taken to the store via truck. Truck driving may involve long-hauls, which involve at least one overnight stay; or maybe short-haul, which is a short driving distance.

As a truck driver, you will spend most of your time sitting. However, this is also a great way to see many places, while getting paid to work. Becoming a truck driver is one of the highest paying trade school careers that you’ll find.

18. Travel Agent

Estimated Pay: $42,350

A career as a travel agent could be an ideal choice if you love learning about other places and enjoy helping people. In this position, you will provide details and advice to travel seekers.

You may plan the trips as well. It may also be your job to create an itinerary for the traveller.

Most travel agents work for travel companies. However, there are several that work from home. This is one of the easier trade certifications you can attain.

19. Dental Assistant

Estimated Pay: $41,180

As a dental assistant, your tasks may vary. You may spend part of your day helping to check patients in, scheduling visits to take x-rays of patients.

This career is an excellent choice if you like to add variety to each day and you enjoy working with others. While this is one certification program that pays well, we advise you to check your state for licensing requirements.

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20. Bookkeeper

Estimated Pay: $42,410

As a bookkeeper, you will keep track of finances for a company. You will audit records, keep track of receipts and purchases.

You will also make sure that payroll is completed timely and accurately. Addition duties may include journal entries, closing books, and keeping computerised notes of financial transactions. If you are money-minded, this is one of the best certifications to have.

I trust this article served you the time and stress of surfing the internet for answers. Kindly drop any comment below and also share this content with your friends and loved ones.

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