Join Football Academy for Free Abroad with World Class Coaches

Join Football Academy for Free Abroad with World Class Coaches

– Join Football Academy for Free Abroad –

Are you interested to Join football academy for free abroad or trying to find out more about free football academies? You don’t have to worry much because I got you covered. Though football academies are not free, to some, there are little or no fees! How will you know? Simple! It is for you to read on.

Join Football Academy for Free Abroad

What is a Football Academy?

A football academy is a facility set up to build young footballers.

It is most often thought of as a training school to impart to young players how to play football, to meet the club’s exact standard.

Most leading level football clubs in Europe and Latin America have an academy to produce players to:

• Develop into first-team players

• Become a reserve or squad player

• Make money for the club from a potential transfer (or through the EPPP compensation scheme).

The youth development system in America is different from other major footballing nations, with players joining pro clubs after graduating from the various collegiate sports programs.

As youth development is so important, clubs ensure that when a player reaches under 9’s, they must play only for their academy.

These academies sign several young players hoping to find a future star. Previously, clubs were restricted to locally based players. However, as more money is pumped into the game, the larger clubs now have the freedom to recruit nationwide (and sometimes internationally).

The number of academy players moving abroad has become so popular that companies like La Liga Brokerage form in 2016 to cater to the demand.

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How Much Training Do Football Academy Students Endure?

Each football academies training will vary in time, intensity and philosophy. But a general football academy training syllabus will involve the following:

• Football Academy Players train 2 times during the mid-week, learning skills and techniques

• On the weekend (normally a Sunday), Football Academy Players will play a football match against another academy team

• Up to 28 football matches in any 1 season

• Under-9s, 10s and 11s, matches are eight-a-side

• Under 11-16’s matches are regular 11-a-side matches

• Academy players are given all-round assistance from the club’s staff

• Players are given practical homework. For example, training drills that can be practised outside of academy training hours.

• Parents are given training on nutrition and mental preparation

• Players are trained specifically on agility

• Clubs communicate directly with the player’s school’s sports departments to request that students also participate in other sports to work other muscles

How Do Football Academies Develop Players?

Football academies develop players by providing professional training, facilities and experts committed to the individual’s development. From day one, you learn the basic competencies required of a professional football player. Concentration on:

• Development of individual technique

• Football skills based on the ajax system

• Strategies tactics and technique

• Specialist training methods for outfield players

• Specialist training for goalkeepers

Join Football Academy for Free Abroad!

Below are some of the most popular free academies you can join to move your career in football. If you have any further questions, jot them in the comments after reading.

1. Michel Hidalgo International Football Academy

Join Football Academy for Free Abroad

For the last fifteen years, our Academy has welcomed young players from all over the world. Each of them has experienced a fulfilling year of sports, culture and language immersion in France.

Their programme is a mix of SPORT and STUDY, where balance means success.

Every player, aged 14 to 22, has an exceptional opportunity to rub shoulders with top players, showcase in the pro clubs and, for some of them enter professional football.

Training Programme, Principles and Values:

With the intensive training programme conducted by the highly qualified Academy coaches, the players can display their talent and live their passion for football.

On top of that, they also train and play with one of our partner clubs, usually AS Cannes, where Zinedine Zidane was brought into the light.

In the first weeks at the Academy, they are trialled in different clubs in the region, and then receive a FFF licence that enables them to play matches in the French championship.

The emphasis given to education and learning varies a lot. Together with the parents, we choose the programme that the boy will follow at his own pace. What we propose is a “measure-made” school adapted to football fans.

First, for English native speakers: they can enrol in an intensive French course, or follow the online programme of the American High School. For French speakers, we propose an e-school curriculum with our partner Cours-Pi, or a more traditional attendance in a local high school.

The principles and values have been set by Michel Hidalgo himself, who wished every player to have a feeling of privilege when being a member of our prestigious academy.

The staff first objective is to make sure that the boys develop confidence in themselves, have pleasure learning and achieve their goals. Every child is one person, and not just a part of the whole.

This is why the Academy offers a limited number of spots, as we want to ensure a very personal approach to players’ development and follow-up.

The next programme goes from 15 August 2021 to 28 May 2022.

The Academy is located in Cannes on the French Riviera, 25 km from Nice.

How to Apply:

If you wish to register at the Michel Hidalgo International Football Academy:

• The first step is to visit the whole website, and particularly the page Registrations (

• Then upload the registration form, record it on your desk, fill it in, sign it and send it back to [email protected]

A reply will be sent to you within 5 days. You can also download the ACADEMY BOOK.

To join them, please download and save the REGISTRATION FORM, then fill it in and return it by email to the address as indicated. It is a free football academy!

2. EduKick Football Academy

Join Football Academy for Free Abroad

EduKick Academies were the first and are the most experienced privately established Football and Education Academies Company since 2001. Their institutional motto “Football is Education” explains it all.

This academy teaches character building using football as the vehicle to teach invaluable life lessons.

Established international football icons such as France National Team Coach Michel Hidalgo, Spain National Team Coach Luis Aragones, Belgian’s champions Anderlecht, Standard Liege, and Dutch National Team player Arie Haan.

Others are, Perugia, Italy’s Bruno Redolfi, Barclay’s English Premier League’s Manchester Football Club, England National Team, AC Milan, Real Madrid player, and MLS champions LA Galaxy’s David Beckham, and Colombia Assistant National Team Coach Leonel Alvarez all support EduKick’s “Football and Education” philosophy. EIFA – EduKick International Football Academies.

Here’s how to become an EduKick team member. Click HERE to register online and begin your journey for free!

You can click HERE to download the registration form. Join Football Academy for Free Abroad!

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Join Football Academy for Free Abroad

3. Spain Soccer Academy

Join Football Academy for Free Abroad

Spain football academy is an outstanding free football academy even for foreigners. If you wish to join, please fill out the APPLICATION FORM online and submit it.

Once you have finished the registration, Spain Soccer Academy will contact you to confirm your spot and the process of payment.

Also note that Spain Soccer Academy (SSA) reserves the right to use photos and other resources with the image of athletes who partake in their programs, provided there is no preceding express opposition by the participant. Nevertheless, the approval to which they refer may be revoked at any time by the participant.

If you have questions to ask, you are free to contact them at [email protected] or the information button “contact” and they will be happy to assist you.

4. Madrid International Football Academy

Madrid International Football Academy

At Madrid International Football Academy, you will be assessed at the beginning of the program to know your starting level and they will make a personal plan to help improve your progress.  For this, we will count on the help of specialists who have already had an experience of this type at a professional level.

During the course, players will receive continuous reports on their evolution and improvement, so that they are aware of their progress at all times of the process.

Admissions Process:

Madrid International Football Academy registers a limited number of players each season, so if you are interested in the program, I recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

If you are interested, you can visit the Aquinas American school enrollment portal and follow the instructions for admission.

Students that are willing to apply for the Getafe International MFA Soccer Development (Male Players) program or the Madrid Football Academy (Female Players) will have to apply through the online application platform of Aquinas American School.

The link can as well be provided by email by sending your request of interest to [email protected]

Students will be required to fill the online application form as well as providing the following information via the portal:

• Academic transcripts for the last 2 years

• Copy of the player’s passport

• A recommendation letter from a coach

• A recommendation letter from the school

Candidates will also need to provide further information about their soccer level (other recommendations, match videos, etc.).

Procedures after Admissions:

Getafe International MFA will also confirm the outcome of the procedure to the player and his family within fifteen days of the request. If the answer is positive, that letter will show the deadline for the acceptance of the place and how to make the first payment of the program.

Once the first payment has been received, GIMFA will issue a second letter with the official admission to the program. This letter will show the start and end dates of the program you have been admitted into.

To Join Football Academy for Free Abroad, join MFA for the next season, CLICK HERE to apply.

5. Pepsi Football Academy

Pepsi Football Academy

Do you know there is a football academy in Nigeria? Of course! And Pepsi football academy is one of several. This is another free academy you can pay just a token to join!

The Pepsi Football Academy has the recognition of encouraging and bringing up a lot of young players over the ages.

Pepsi prolonged full support to the Kashimawo Laloko football school which functions in the Agege Stadium and the name of the field is changed as Pepsi Football Academy.

Getting Registered at Pepsi Football Academy

The Football Academy displays the way to the budding sportsmen who have the willpower to build up their career in soccer.

For any player regardless of his or her age, Pepsi Academy assures the best opportunities in soccer. See how to join Pepsi Football Academy below.

Boys and girls in the age group 5–16 years can apply to join the Academy.

They may approach any of the Academy’s training centres and introduce themselves to the coaches there.

The coaches will assess the applicants in terms of football skills and attributes.

The students who satisfy the coaches will be issued the Registration form to join the Pepsi Academy.

Applicants may complete the form in their home and go with their parents for the registration.

Once the application is accepted, the prescribed fees can be paid.

Here are some important documents to submit alongside the application form:

• Original & Photocopy of Birth Certificate

• Photocopies Of School Results

• Passport Of Applicant

• Parent Or Guardian and Medical Report

When your application form is collected, proceed to make a little payment at the designated bank for enrollment. To get the academy form, CLICK HERE

Join Football Academy for Free Abroad and you will be happy you did!

6. Wilmslow Football Academy

Wilmslow Football Academy

Wilmslow Football Academy is an independent coaching organization with connections to numerous skilled clubs in the North West together with Manchester United, Manchester City, Stoke City and Macclesfield Town!

This academy was established in the year 2001. WFA’s highest excellent coaching staff aids children in developing their own personal, social, physical and technical skills in the best conceivable environment. This is vital at every stage from eighteen months old to teens.

Scouts from skilled clubs are in regular attendance at their training sessions. As well as looking for the finest young talent, they also provide WFA with equipment and call players and coaches to use their state-of-the-art facilities from time to time.

These guys have sent several of the best players at WFA to the Academies and Centers of Excellence at these Clubs and even though only a very small number of players ever make it to a professional standard, they are proud that some have signed for these Clubs and are making a career in professional football.

WFA Registration Process:

To register with Wilmslow Football Academy and to join their mailing list, simply complete the form by CLICKING HERE.

Note: You should be local to the area; WFA is incapable to assist in transporting players to training sessions or consider players for international transfer!

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7. IHM Football Academy

IHM Football Academy

IHM Football Academy was established in 2006 for young talents. The academy is FA allied.

IHM Football Academy offers:

• Education + football coaching from 11 years to adult

• UEFA qualified / ex-pro player-coaches

• Showcase events / league football / guest pro-coaches / IPSO scouts

• Network of scouts and pro-club coach contacts

• Train and play with local clubs

• Nutrition & diet / strength & conditioning

How to Apply to IHM Football Academy:

IHM is a private free football academy and an accredited school. To apply to attend their academy, you will need to send them the following, by email, to Mr Peter Hayes–Director: [email protected]

1. a finished booking form–You can download booking forms here

2. a copy of your up-to-date school report

3. a written reference from your most current football coach or school sport teacher

4. a brief soccer CV: setting out your name, date of birth, nationality, height, weight, favourite playing position, school teams or clubs that you have played for, awards you have won or tournaments you have played in response.

Just Join Football Academy for Free Abroad now!

8. FCV International Football Academy

FCV International Football Academy

FCV International Football Academy happens to be the UK’s first private free football academy, providing academic football courses for ambitious footballers aged 16 and up.

The courses they offer range from one week to three years and combine specialist football training with a first-class education.

The superiority of the academy has seen past students succeeding at professional football clubs within the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, or at a meaningfully higher level in their home country, with numerous going on to represent their national teams.

Joining the FCV International Football Academy:

Joining the United Kingdom’s first-ever private free football academy is very easy. Once you have decided what course you would like to join, click on one of the courses on their official website and follow the steps.

They will take you through the registration procedure and visa process (if mandatory) ensuring you have the best time possible at their academy.

• Football Camps

Full-time with Education

Full-time without Education

• Short Course with Education

• Short Course without Education

• Day Students

• FCV Bursaries

9. Spain Soccer Academy

Spain Soccer Academy

Spain Soccer Academy was founded in 2013. It is an International Elite Football Soccer Academy located in Seville (Spain, Europe). Join Football Academy for Free Abroad!

This academy welcomes international students, football players from 14 to 23 age, they welcome football coaches and teams, who are looking for training and studying abroad. They offer a complete Exchange Program that unites studies and football for worldwide education.

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Their Academy stands out for:

• Perfect Location in the heart of Seville

• Coaches Past Players from the Spanish National Team

• UEFA PRO Coaches from La Liga

• Academic: Complete Educational Offer

• Five Stars Sport Facilities

• High level of training with Players

• in Clubs of 1st and 2nd National Division U15 and U19

• Five Games vs Pro Clubs of La Liga

• Thirty Competitive Games every Season

• Video Analysis

• Buffet menu for all Players

You can also think of this academy. It is almost free to join them. Why not seize the opportunity.

So, do you want to apply?

Fill out the application form and submit it.

Once you have finished the registration, Spain Soccer Academy will contact you to confirm your spot and the procedure of making a little payment.

Spain Soccer Academy reserves the full right to use pictures and other materials with the image of athletes who participate in their programs, provided there is no former express opposition by the participant.

If you have questions to ask, you can contact them at [email protected] or the information button “contact” and they will be happy to be of help to you.

You can CLICK HERE to apply!

Are you satisfied with the information so far? Take your bold step now and you will not regret what you did.

Endeavour to share this article about Join Football Academy for Free Abroad with others! You can also drop any comment in the comment section.

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