Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer

Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer

– Migrate to Canada without a job offer –

There are so many articles on the internet that discuss immigration to Canada through the lens of work visas or job offers. However, not everyone is lucky enough or able to obtain a job before moving. Some people would rather be settled in their new environment before they look for a job. If this is your situation, what do you do? It is possible to immigrate to Canada without a job offer, even if it is little talked about.

There are options available to immigrate to Canada without a job offer, and we will hope to reassure you and guide you through beginning the process as you set out to start a new life in a new land. You don’t need a work visa, job offer, or placement to get started.  If you are qualified or have skills and experience in one of Canada’s in-demand job sectors or as a professional, the application and immigration process maybe even quicker than you expect. These are just some ideas on how you might go about immigrating to Canada without a job or job offer, and not just as an international student or on a spousal or family visa.

Immigrate to Canada without a job offer through Express Entry

The first, and the most key way that you can immigrate to Canada without a job offer is through the Express Entry scheme. It is perhaps one of the most well-known immigration schemes that Canada offers, but it is not so well known that you don’t need a job offer in order to apply. Although there are streams within the scheme that sound as if they require a job, for example, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the streams only require you to have the required qualifications to be able to do those jobs, and not necessarily have a job offer itself.

It is the qualification or experience that provides you with the points that are used to determine your eligibility for Express Entry as part of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). In addition to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, other streams within Express Entry that you are eligible for without a job offer include the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canada Experience Class (CEC). The Federal Skilled Worker Program is for those with experience or qualifications in management or business roles, while the Federal Skilled Trades Program is the same, but is for those who have experience or qualifications in trade or vocational occupations.

The Canada Experience Class is similar to both these programs, except it is designed for those people who have a year or more of experience working in Canada at that trade or profession. While CEC may suggest the need for a job offer, your experience will be taken into consideration, and applicants can apply as they near the end of a period of employment, without a permanent job offer already, or for those who have studied in Canada in a specific field and are looking to remain permanently.


Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer and Join the Goldrush

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime Gold Rush for people with the right skills, experience, occupations, and qualifications to immigrate to Canada on Permanent Residency to begin the process of becoming Canadian Citizens.


How to Immigrate to Canada Without an Offer of Employment

You may have heard of the Express Entry system, but it’s not actually a visa, it’s a filtering system to ensure Canada can ‘invite’ those it wants into one of the Permanent Residency Visa Classes such as:

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Federal Skilled Trades Visa

Provincial Nominee Program

Lodging an Express Entry is relatively EASY and you DEFINITELY DO NOT need a Migration Agent of Canadian Immigration Lawyer to do this for you.

Submitting an Express Entry profile is FREE when you do it directly with the Canadian Government.

Remember this is Step one of how to Immigrate to Canada without a Job Offer so go ahead and bookmark this page so or write it down so you don’t forget to create an Express Entry Profile.

Express Entry Submission is FREE

For a basic Express Entry Submission you’ll need to have completed your English or French Language test and have had your education credentials approved by a regulated provider such as World Education Services.

Once an applicant lodges their Express Entry Profile, Canada Immigration will then select who in this pool of candidates will receive an Invitation for their Canadian Permanent Residency Visa.

It’s one thing to submit an Express Entry Profile though you still need to exit out of Express Entry and into one of the Canada Visa Streams mentioned above, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Visa.

This selection is based on set criteria including but not limited to the following points:

Whether you have an Occupation in Demand in Canada, so find your occupation on this list below.

It’s a long list of occupations so you may want to use the search element just below to find your Occupation

It could well be that you’re one of the 10% of applicants that can get through Express Entry into the Visa without taking any further action. You’re not going to truly know this for certain without being lodged in the system.

Remember: It is FREE to Complete and Submit an Express Entry application

After your Express Entry application has been lodged then it’s time to start improving your application if you don’t receive notification that you have enough points to push through the system to the eventual visa.

How Can I Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer

All Migration Agents and Canadian Immigration Lawyers these days seem to want an easy life. They want clients who are eligible to Immigrate to Canada without them having to do any work to help them with their overall eligibility.

If you want to Immigrate to Canada without a job offer then you’ll need to take ACTION yourself. You simply cannot rely on a Canadian Immigration Agent or Lawyer to help you.

In fact, many so-called Immigration ‘Agents’ don’t even know about these ways to Immigrate to Canada and without a job offer.


Easy Ways to Push Through Express Entry and be Invited to Apply for Permanent Residency

  1. Have enough Canada Immigration Points (10% of applicants go straight through)
  2. Secure an Offer of Employment
  3. Get Professional or Trade Registration in the Province of Your Choice


Secure Professional Registration or Skilled Trade Authorization in the Canadian Province of Choice.

This will boost you through Express Entry and is the best way to Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer.

Secure Professional Registration to Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer

This is the secret to Canadian Immigration.

If you’re immigrating to Canada as a Nurse then you’re going to need to register as a nurse in your chosen Province. And by registering as a Nurse you will receive the boost needed to exit Express Entry to Permanent Residency.

No Need For a Job Offer

School teachers will need to register to be licensed teachers in their state. When a teacher secures this registration they can be boosted through Express Entry.

No Job Offer Required

If you’re an Accountant Emigrating to Canada you’ll need to have your qualifications converted to CPA Canada. By doing this process (as is going to be needed anyhow) you get to Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer.

The List of Who Can Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer is Endless

It includes every Professional who has a license or registration in their home country. Surveyors, Dentists, Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Accountants, Vets, Engineers…

Skilled Trades People Have an EVEN Better Chance to Immigrate to Canada Without a Job offer

If you’re migrating to Canada with a Skilled Trade such as:

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Welder
  • Bricklayer
  • Fitter
  • Mechanic
  • Tiler
  • … and most skilled trades

In Canada skilled trades are regulated by Red Seal

In the UK the Red Seal equivalent would be City & Guilds or NVQ. In South Africa and the United States it’s called Red Seal but is a different system. Across Europe, the Red Seal equivalents are whatever training institution issued your Certificates.

Secret Canada Immigration Fact

If you’re working in a skilled trade you will be able to do what is called a Red Seal Challenge.

This involves Red Seal Canada checking your work experience, references and qualifications and then allowing you to sit an exam in Canada.

Once this exam is passed you’ll be qualified in your Trade in a specific Province. This registration will help you to not only secure a boost through Express Entry without a Job Offer. It will also help land a job and Provincial Nomination if required.

Immigrate to Canada without a Job Offer by Provincial Nomination

One of the ways that it is possible to immigrate to Canada without a job offer is through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which is itself connected to the Express Entry scheme, though it is not a subset of it. The Provincial Nominee Program is where provinces or territories involved in the scheme can nominate someone who is looking to immigrate to that specific province to the federal government as being worthy of an invitation to apply for Canadian residency.

This is often done through job offers located in specific provinces and the province can use this as part of its nomination as the applicant will be beneficial to the provincial economy. However, this is not the only requirement, and applicants must meet the PNP eligibility criteria to be considered, as well as the national eligibility criteria, several of which overlap. However, many provinces don’t require a job offer or job already secured in order to apply to the PNP.

These provinces that accept applicants regardless of job offer are Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. Providing that you are qualified, these provinces do not require you to have a job before you move, but you must make sure that you choose the right stream within the province’s program to be selected. Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia both require their PNP applicants to be candidates in the Express Entry scheme before applying to be part of a PNP, while Ontario has several streams that do not require you to be employed before immigrating, in addition to Express Entry.

If you are a part of Express Entry and are also successful at receiving a provincial nomination through PNP, the province will award you a large number of points to count towards your CRS score needed to be invited for residency application by the Canadian government, which essentially boosts your score enough to guarantee you an invitation.

Best way to immigrate to Canada without a Job Offer

In summary, both the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program methods of immigrating to Canada without a job offer already secured still require you to meet several prerequisites such as language fluency and have the qualifications to prove that you can be an asset to the local or national economy.

However, as you do not need the guarantee of a job to immigrate through these programs you can get settled into your new home and country somewhat before you worry about employment, and as such can take a gradual adjustment approach to your new surroundings and make choices at the right pace for you. Even though moving without a job may seem as much of a daunting step as having to get to know a whole new city in a whole new country, there is a huge amount of benefit to this, especially as social and cultural adjustment is as important as geographical and economic adjustment.

Ultimately, do not despair and think that your dreams of moving to Canada are worthless because you cannot find a job, there is hope and possibility out there. You just need to start looking and be brave enough to take that first step.

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